A former Physicist turned software developer. I design and implement web applications and infrastructure, typically for businesses and technical enterprises with complex requirements.
2014-presentConsultant for VMWare
Providing development and operations assistance to large customers in the cloud and infrastructure space.
2004-2014Freelance Developer
Most recently, in the last 12 months, I developed data transformation and analysis tools at Oak Ridge National Lab in collaboration with CMS ( Medicare/Medicaid ). The raw data was stored on Hadoop with subprojects utilizing Pig, Hive, MongoDB and Neo4J.
  • I developed a wide variety of web based applications, mainly LAMP/LAMR based, for many different clients.
  • For a detailed list of all my past projects, see:
1999-2003 Sr. Software Developer for Akamai Technologies
I was fortunate to join Akamai Technologies, in 1997, prior to their IPO. As part of the original 100 employees, I was deeply involved in the development and deployment of parts of their core software infrastructure.
  • Created fault-tolerant distributed component systems comprising core enterprise infrastructure. The system ran on a global network of over 12,000 servers. C++ and XML were the primary languages used.
  • Mentored and led developers in modern design patterns, implementation, debugging, documentation, and testing practices.
  • Developed various configuration management, simulation, and testing tools utilizing a variety of technologies.
1998-1999Sr. Software Engineer for Quoin Consultants
  • Implemented CORBA based systems for clients in the Bioinformatics industry. The project involved design and implementation in Java and C++. The project required detailed knowledge of CORBA core and CORBA-Service specifications.
1997-1998Sr. Research Scientist for Sterling Software
  • Developed distributed multi-user collaboration system with pure Java implementation over Java RMI, used by intelligence analysts.
  • Ported a secure e-mail bridge to TrustedSolaris operating system. This was part of adistributed intelligence analysis platform. As technical lead, I received the highest level of commendation based on timely delivery and successful certification testing of this system by the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Ph.D.Physics 1997 University of Colorado at Boulder
Research conducted at Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory, Cornell University
M.S.Physics 1992 University of Colorado at Boulder
B.S.Physics 1990 Penn State
Languages: Ruby, PHP, Python, C++, Obj-C, Java, Puppet, XML
Frameworks:Rails, Drupal, Dojo, Prototype, JQuery, J2EE, CORBA, LDAP
Dev Tools: Apache, Make, Perforce, Ant, Git, SVN, CVS
Databases: MySql, Postgres, Berkeley DB, DB2, Oracle, Hadoop, MongoDB, Neo4J
Systems: Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS